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Seeking the White Root, An Australian Story

Body, Mind and Spirit: Overcoming Victimization

Seeking the White Root is an adventure story of a young Australian woman's search for self discovery and meaning in her life. This search leads her to uncover a series of startling secrets which force her to choose between being a victim of her life circumstances or taking an active role in her own healing, both physical and emotional. Jane's use of yoga, energy work, massage therapy, healing herbs, meditations and breathing techniques are described in ways which show how these can actually assist in healing. These techniques interact to assist healing on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

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OR to experience an example of Jane's struggles and ways she found to deal with crisis read an excerpt:

Excerpt from Chapter 7: The Truth

Jane's attempt to sit up in bed was stifled by a shooting pain in her hip. Her leg wouldn't move. The thoughts in her head began a downward spiral. This was all their fault. So many terrible things had happened to her it was no wonder she was sick. The doctors had told her this could happen again. The severe mental trauma she had suffered could cause an exacerbation of the arthritis, and it had. Just look at her, she couldn't even get up to go to the toilet. She reached for her aspirin and water and screamed out in anguish as the pain shot through her left hip. Her Aunt Fiona came running into the room to find Jane sobbing uncontrollably. "They'll have to give me steroids this time. Just look what you all have done to me," She screamed at Fiona. "I can't even get out of bed."

Startled Fiona stepped back and surveyed the situation, attempting to stay centered as Wong had taught her. She took a long slow breath, consciously thinking about her energy field and keeping her boundaries intact. She walked over to Jane and laid her hand on her head.

"Please try to calm yourself, Jane. Take some deep, slow breaths. That's it," she said as Jane started to comply. "When you feel in control, I'll help you sit up. We will take everything slowly. That's it." Fiona kept encouraging Jane, "Remember the breathing technique Wong taught you. Let's practice that together." As Fiona slowly led Jane through the breathing exercise, her voice had a calming effect on Jane and she started to relax.

After about ten minutes Jane looked up at Fiona, smiled weakly and said, "Thank you." Fiona put her arm around Jane and helped her to sit up in bed. When Jane winced, Fiona reminded her to keep breathing. Jane swallowed the aspirin and water Fiona offered her and then said, "Do you think Wong would come to see me?"

"I do think he might. He doesn't usually make house calls anymore, but I still see him regularly in class, I believe he would come this once," Fiona replied.

"In class? What sort of class? Are you learning accupressure?"

"Well not exactly, our class is studying energy." Fiona smiled when Jane looked puzzled. "We all have an energy field around us and our life energy runs through us. It is most exciting to learn about because whatever is happening in our energy field determines how we feel, both mentally and physically."

When Wong arrived that afternoon, Jane was sitting in a chaise lounge on the veranda watching the waves and listening to the birds. "Ah, a very healing environment, Miss Jane, would you like for me to set the massage table up out here. It appears to be very private."

"Oh yes, that would be perfect. Did Aunt Fiona tell you what has happened to me?"

"She mentioned you had suffered trauma and I can see your energy field is very weak and dark." Wong's eyes were slightly squinted as he looked at Jane.

Jane said, "You know, Wong, I'm quite interested in learning more about energy. Aunt Fiona told me a little this morning after she helped me use the breathing technique you taught me when I was here two years ago. It really helped relax me. I've never been that effective when I used it by myself."

"That is because she sent you energy to help you as she talked to you about breathing. Then when your energy field increased you felt better."

"Really? I don't understand about this energy, but I do know I was absolutely a mess this morning and thought I would never be able to get out of bed again, but with Aunt Fiona's help, I bathed and managed to walk out here. It still hurt a lot, but I seemed to be able to breathe through the pain and take one step at a time."

"That is good," Wong said. "Now we will stop talking and begin the treatment. I will help you onto the massage table."

Wong worked on Jane for a long time, sometimes touching her body, sometimes holding his hands above her. He occasionally reminded her to breathe. She drifted off and saw beautiful colors in her mind, all the colors of the rainbow came one by one, then the colors came together and shimmered like a long snake, then melted and turned to a beautiful white light. Jane was not conscious of any pain. She was surprised when she heard Wong's voice.

"You may lay here for a few moments if you wish, and then I will help you move back to the chair. Your energy field looks much better now. I shall go in and find Fiona. Please wait for me to assist you to get up."

Jane took a long breath and listened to the waves. She heard a cockatoo screeching. She smiled and thought, "those cockatoos are always around me." She laughed aloud and she saw the white flash of a cockatoo flying above her from one tree to another.

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