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Seeking the White Root, An Australian Story

About the book


A shipwreck occurs off the southern coast of Australia in the mid-1800s and the survivors are assisted by Aborigines. This incident sets off the chain of events in this sensitive, fast-moving novel. The authors skillfully weave the lives of the future generations of two different cultures into a colorful tapestry which gives the reader an insight into modern-day Australia.

Seeking the White Root centers around Jane Lawton who is born a century later on a sheep station. She is cared for by an Aboriginal nanny who carries the baby to the rainforest after the infant's parents die. The little blonde child lives happily with her Aboriginal family in the bush until she is five years old, when she is violently uprooted and returned to the white society.

The story follows Jane through her adolescence, growing up in a wealthy Australian family, having suppressed all memory of her early years. As a young woman, her life is often riddled with vague recollections, strange dreams and even nightmares which suggest that all is not as it appears to be. Deteriorating physical health and many social uphevels gradually lead Jane to face the mystery in her life and stop being a victim. Her search to remember and understand herself, is aided by Flora, a wise Aboriginal woman, and her Aunt Fiona. Just when she thinks she understands, startling secrets are revealed which shake the very foundation of her family, the corporate world and the Australian community. The choices Jane makes in the wake of these revelations, clearly illustrate how the spiritual awakening of just one individual can indeed raise the consciousness of the world around her.

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The Australian Aboriginal Connection   Has their culture been destroyed? What can we do?
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