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Seeking the White Root, An Australian Story
Cinda Wombles Pettigrew and Robyn D. Warner

Would you like to know more about how the Australian culture developed?

Were the Aboriginal people really exploited? Can victimization be overcome?

Could Aboriginal beliefs help save the environment?

Our book, Seeking the White Root, An Australian Story, explores these topics in an unusual way and this website further explores the issues raised in the book. Read on.

This historical novel takes the reader on an engaging journey, weaving a compelling path through historical and contemporary Aboriginal and Euro-Australian society. Mystery surrounds a young corporate heiress' search for consciousness, providing a thought-provoking exploration of issues related to the Aboriginal experience: victimization, environmental concerns, and cultural exploitation. The story of Jane Lawton gives the reader an unusually insightful look into the deep personal struggles, emotional highs and lows, and actual physical changes that may occur when a person decides to stop being a victim, remember their true origins and pursue healing. The startling conclusion gives hope for a new world order.

The Body, Mind & Spirit Connection   Learn more about how to overcome victimization.
The Australian Aboriginal Connection   Has their culture been destroyed? What can we do?
The Environmental Connection   Learn how we all can help. Reconnecting with nature.

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