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Seeking the White Root, An Australian Story

What Others Say


"Seeking the White Root is the story of the soul writ large. Filled with mystery and truth it awakens in readers their highest aspiration and their own sacred journey."

Jean Houston
Author A Mythic Life A Passion for the Possible

"This deceptively simple and touching story has deep wisdom woven throughout its pages: it embodies a shapeshifting metaphor which speaks to the heart of spiritual healing so necessary for the planet and the peoples of this world."

Rachel Newman
Healthy Living Magazine

"The story line is very interesting and many of us in this part of the world can identify with so many of the things you said or that happened to Jane. For us women here we have to experience not only the racial prejudice, but also gender and economic prejudice. Your book is very inspiring especially to many of the young ladies struggling to become professionals and contribute something to the world."

Jestina Kusina, PhD
University of Zimbabwe

"As a Unity Minister I found STWR to embody many of the life Principals I teach and believe in. The spiritual and emotional energetic content is masterfully woven and bears witness to the continued consciousness of humankind. I found STWR a centering growth experience and personally empowering."

Rev. Judith Taylor
Quincy, IL

Published Reviews

"In the tradition of the popular Celestine Prophecy, this spiritually-oriented novel interweaves metaphysical concepts with ancient history and current politics to create a highly readable adventure of self-discovery healing and transformation, in which the protagonist's inner changes are mirrored by changes in the world around her."

Tara Fellner
Whole Life Times

"This is both a touching story of a young woman coming to terms with her own independence, and a sobering portrait of aboriginal exploitation and suffering and how their complicated struggle relates to and affects us all."


"Seeking the White Root is skillfully, vividly written, bringing a time and place and people to life with an unexpected finale that leaves the reader with a greater compassion and understanding of the past and a feeling of hope for the future. Highly recommended."

Willis M. Buhle
Midwest Book Review

Reader Reviews:

A teacher from Ithaca, New York: "This is an important book for a critical time in history. -Woven throughout the story of Jane Lawton and her ancestors are lessons on how to connect with our spiritual selves, how to maintain and focus life energy, how to determine the purpose of our lives, and how we-as a species-can become reconnected to the wisdom of the ages that can be found in nature as well as with in ourselves."

A Registered Nurse from Columbia, MO wrote: "Seeking the White Root is about spiritual awakening. -In the end, the reader is reminded that what we do with the events in our life is ultimately up to ourselves."

From a high school senior: "Of the many issues this novel describes, the one that appealed to me most was the young woman's struggle with her life choices and overcoming her feelings of victimization. STWR opens the mind to a change and the realization that each individual choice inflicts a consequence upon everyone."

An Illinois reader wrote: "I was very skeptical of this book because my own spiritual views are quite a bit more conservative than the ones promoted in the text. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book held my attention very nicely. The story had plenty of twists and turns which created enough suspense for me that I couldn't put the book down."

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